Second Generation Actuation Controller

Heitec is proud to annonunce the second generation of the Visio Drive Control valve pin controller, the VDC2. The VDC2 is more powerful and easier to use than ever. A new 7-inch touchscreen display makes it easy to control several motors, manually callibrate individual actuation profiles, and much more.


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Felt Tip Pen Application

HEITEC Hot Runner Systems of Burgwald Germany, represented by Technoject Machinery in North America,  impresses again with innovative solutions for the production of a felt tip pen with side injection. 

A professional system for side gating was required for the modern production of a felt tip pen. The barrel made of PP needs to guarantee a long life of the pen. The writing pen is, of course, a proprietary development by STAEDTLER.

The felt tip pen as a finished product can be used in various versions for writing on white boards or flip charts.

The required product quality dictated a double-sided injection per article in order to ensure the desired precision and dimensional stability.

The computer simulation carried out at Heitec confirmed once again the planned course of action.



New X-Slim Line

Heitec Hot Runner Systems, available in North America from Technoject Machinery Corp, has made a name for itself as a leader in developing innovative products for the injection moulding industry. Heitec was the first supplier to introduce the Slim-Line nozzle for inside gating of cosmetic caps in 1992. With the recent introduction of the new “X-Slim” Hot Runner Nozzle one will be able to process larger shot weights with relatively small installation bores. This new nozzle design has the largest flow channel diameter to installation bore diameter ratio on the market. For example type 01.059.11 comes with a 4.5 mm flow channel diameter, but only requires a 11 mm installation bore diameter. Installation bore types range from 11 to 20 mm diameter. The benefits of this new series are wide ranging from being able to process larger parts with less installation room to allowing more flexibility in choosing the best gate location. This nozzle series is available as a hot tip or as a valve gate version. Lengths can be chosen from 50 to 300 mm.

IMG 9519 1

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Flat Line T Nozzle

Hot runner manufacturer HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik GmbH based in Burgwald Germany is expanding its product line to include a special design of the Flat-Line series.

The newly developed design enables a location very close to the article. Due to the very low mass of the nozzle the heat transfer into the mold is minor. Therefore, the temperature of the cavity is only affected minimally.

heitec t-dse smaller

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Electric Valve Gates

VISIO Precision - Drive

For Regulated and Controlled Movements and positions in the valve gate process

  • Varialbly adjustable end positions
  • Flexibility regulated closing speeds
  • Quality assurance of the entire valve gate process

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bedienblende vdc1

Case Studies

Star Line Edge Gate Nozzles

Direct Gating

Seperate Actuation with Precise Control

Side Injection with Individual Tip control

Edge Gating with Easy Maintenance

Compact VG System Reduces Space Requirements