Our team had the privilege of participating in the NPE 2024 Plastics Show, where we showcased our latest advancements in plastics processing technology. At NPE 2024, we unveiled our latest line of cutting-edge hot runner systems. Heitec’s Star Line Crown Mini hot runner nozzle was one of the new products on display. Our solutions are designed to deliver unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability, empowering manufacturers to optimize production and enhance product quality.

Our team engaged in valuable discussions with industry peers and experts, exchanging insights and exploring collaborative opportunities.

We invite you to explore our latest offerings and innovations showcased at NPE 2024 on our website. Discover how our advanced technologies can elevate your plastics processing capabilities and contribute to your success.

We look forward to assisting you in your next mould building project with our innovative Heitec Hot Runner System. From close spacing valve gate nozzles to superior edge gate systems to high quality engineering resin applications we have a solution that fits your needs.