HEITEC succeeded in adding an even slimmer version to its nozzle series 01.03.  With nozzle type 01.03.06 a requirement of the cosmetic industry was satisfied by making it possible to e.g. mould lipstick caps from the inside with an inside diameter starting from 14 mm. 

The diameter of the nozzle body could be reduced with this type from the previous 11 to 9 mm, which allows a bore of 10 mm in the mould. 

The screw-tip and the thermocouple with this nozzle 01.03.06 can be exchanged easily, including the 6 mm sealing ring in the front.  The heater, which is metallically bonded to the flow tube is very reliable, so that a failure due to burn-out is almost impossible.  A reflective sleeve decreases the thermal radiation to the tool.  An additional sealing ring between nozzle and manifold prevents leakages within this area.

This nozzle is designed for high-quality packaging, but due to its small dimensions also brings about new ideas.  Thus, several systems already successfully mould difficult to process resins with sometimes high injection pressures.

The tip geometry is variable, so versions with pin-point or open-flow designs can be supplied.  The flow channel diameter equals 2.5 mm.  The nozzle is available with lengths varying between 40 to 160 mm.  Likewise the size and geometry of the nozzle head is variable, thus it can be adapted to diverse applications, sometimes a small nozzle spacing, another time a larger injection force.

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