In the past multi-tip nozzles with edge gates could provide a solution to an application, but they could also cause processing problems.


HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik of Burgwald Germany available in North America from Technoject Machinery Corp. has developed a multi-edge gate nozzle, which for the first time combines the advantages of single tip nozzles with conventional multi-tip nozzles. The previous disadvantages no longer exist.

The special feature of this new nozzle from the Star-Line series (01.07.) is that the tip inserts are only put in place after the nozzle is installed. Therefore, this nozzle can also be used for  unconventional positions of the gate location. The exact location of the tip in the cavity insert reaching all the way to the part surface ensures that there will be no cold slug, instead a clean gate break is produced. The position of the gate locations can be chosen just as it is known with conventional tunnel gates. The moulded plastic parts are optically flawless because the cavity and therefore the article does not need to be split. Besides, the cost of the mould will be less.

One way this nozzle provides generous design flexibility is through its variable tip insert lengths. Used as a single hot sprue very small moulds can be built with this series. Four articles on a pitch circle of 42 mm, for example, can be arranged. Naturally, this nozzle can be used as a single nozzle or with other nozzles underneath a manifold.

Depending on the configuration this nozzle can mould anywhere from 1 to 8 cavities simultaneously. For small parts especially in the field of medical devices, cosmetics, electronics, packaging and laboratories it represents a lower cost alternative to systems with several individual nozzles. That is because only one temperature control zone with one thermocouple is required to control up to 8 cavities depending on the configuration. The tips can be replaced by the operator in the moulding machine and are available in different lengths. If necessary a cavity can also be turned off by replacing a tip.
This multi-tip nozzle which is patent pending is suitable for all conventional resins. So far various materials have been successfully tested including PE, PP, PS, PC,  ABS and PA 6.6, in some cases also in production settings.

More details will be displayed at the K 2004 exhibition in Düsseldorf at our booth  HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik GmbH  Hall 1a Booth C 41.

For more information call Technoject at 905-951-7144. 

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