Everybody can do easy: HEITEC faces complexity!  

This new system introduced to the general public by Heitec Heisskanaltechnik GmbH at the K 2007 in Düsseldorf is visually similar to a spacecraft.


This sophisticated, original 3D Hot Runner System for the side gating market makes it possible to edge gate articles or multi-edge gate e.g. from two sides. The system offers excellent processing conditions of a cylindrical valve gate, which means perfect gate quality with side injection on the article.

The modular construction of various HEITEC component groups grew into a complete hot runner generation. The flat nozzle, as a module, which consists of two flat nozzles in the front area has a heating element and a thermocouple each per shaft and are therefore separately controlled.  These heater and thermocouple elements are replaceable, of course. Also, round nozzles can be used.

With the SPACE System HEITEC combines the benefits of valve gate technology with the advantages of side gating and all that with minimum cavity spacing of only 9mm.

This was made possible by the mechanical actuation system, the angled actuator introduced last year. This mechanical actuation system enables an exact and reproducible opening and closing of the needles. Two gear rails, which diagonally engage with each other, carry out the needle movement.  The needles on one side are driven by only one actuator bar, which guarantees an absolutely synchronous movement. All needles are adjustable in one alteration or can be individually adjusted externally.

The hydraulic cylinder is positioned outside the mould so that heat effects on the unit are negligible and the installation of a digital position marker is possible. The drive unit is equipped with a central lubrication, which is maintenance free since there are no components such as O-rings that can wear out. Its fitted needle retainers and the small tolerance between the diagonal gears results in almost no play. The main drive can be operated hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically.

Flow optimized melt channels and gate locations provide a large, low-shear plastic throughput along with superior gate vestige quality. The homogenous temperature profile of the SPACE-System allows processing of nearly all resins regardless of being natural or modified with filler and additive materials.

The system has proven its reliability in general applications for over two years. It is used with polyolefins, polycarbonate and other resins

Just like all the Heitec systems the SPACE System is also externally heated with 230V.

With the SPACE System Heitec offers an innovative solution, which is especially suited for the manufacturing of precision components in the medical and optical industries. This system is particularly useful with small tubes or also with thin-walled, long cartridges where the gate location reveals special rheological characteristics.

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