Heitec Hot Runner Systems, Germany, available in North America through Technoject Machinery Corp., has further developed the Star-Line nozzle into a 2-piece design with a body and crown. This innovation offers unique advantages allowing the edge gate technology to be used with numerous materials, including difficult engineering resins. Maintenance performed on molds is done in minutes without disassembling the tips or the crown.


With the Star-Line Crown the expansion length is no longer a limiting factor and mold construction heights can be from 60 mm to 500 mm. The nozzle crown is fixed inside the cavity mold base plate, therefore the tips remain at the predetermined injection point and gate diameters of 0.4 mm are now achievable.

The crown can be designed for assembly from the back or front face of the cavity and range from a single or double tip, up to 8 tips for numerous cavities in small areas.
Two distinct designs carried forward from previous generations are the radial and linear orientations, with multiple variations in tip design.

The Star-Line Linear nozzle is particularly suitable for molding long, thin-walled parts, such as pipettes or syringe barrels. With parallel alignment of the nozzles, parts can be direct gated from two sides which helps prevent the deflection of thin cores from the injection pressure. The pitch dimension can vary with a distance of between 10 mm to 26 mm between parts.

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