Free Flow

Free Melt Flow

Valve Gate Nozzles offering the advantage of an undivided melt flow are being offered by HEITEC under the product name Free-Flow-System.  This system offers great addvantages for all kinds of valve gate applications:

  • -Transpartent Plastic Partspolar1a
  • -Optical Parts
    • looking glasses
    • lamps ( automotive)
    • Optical fiber and LEDs
  • -Medical and Laboratory technologies
    • Test and measurement vessels
    • Syringes
    • Pipetts and cuvettespolar2a
  • -Safety Products
    • Transportation containers
    • Caps and closures
    • Pressure containers
    • Water filter systems

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Featured Hotrunner at K 2013
Braunform will be running a 96 cavity mold in an Engel Machine with a 5 sec cycle time producing a needle holder.  This is all accomplished with the help of an edge gate Heitec hot runner system

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Energy Savings

New methods for producing energy savings when using Hot Runner Systems


The benefits offered by hot runner systems for the injection molding industry such as material saenergyvings and cycle time reduction are widely known. However, in the past very little attention was paid to the amount of energy required to operate the hot runner equipment. Energy savings have become increasingly more important as electricity costs have increased in recent years.

Hot runner systems are comprised of hot runner nozzles and a manifold for multi cavity applications. The melt conveying channels inside these components are typically heated with 230V heaters.  The energy requirement for these heaters depends on the type of resin, nozzle/manifold mass and other factors.

Through the use of new materials and manufacturing methods the energy consumption of hot runner nozzles can be reduced on average by 35%. The energy savings for the nozzles can be significant when higher cavitation molds are produced due to the high number of nozzles installed.

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Bearing Cap

Case Study Bearing Cage  0.028 gram shot

Gebäude PlastechnikThe Plastechnik AG, which is based in 3178 Bösingen, Switzerland, is specialized in the production of technically sophisticated plastic parts and the design and manufacturing of injection moulds. HEITEC Heisskanaltechnik GmbH in 35099 Burgwald, Germany, is known for providing special solutions in the area of hot runner technology, particularly in lateral injection and the production of highly specialized small nozzles.

Plastechnik AG approached HEITEC with an inquiry regarding the application of an extremely small shot weight, via HEITEC’s Swiss representative Mr. Daniel Jenny of the company E. Ramseier Werkzeugnormalien AG in 8602 Wangen, Switzerland

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Case Studies

Star Line Edge Gate Nozzles

Direct Gating

Seperate Actuation with Precise Control

Side Injection with Individual Tip control

Edge Gating with Easy Maintenance

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