Machined Manifold Melt Channels

color flowchannel 1Machined Manifold Melt Channels

Heitec offers a solution to dead spots in the melt channels of hot-runner manifolds.  The melt channels are milled into the plates, providing a smooth channel for the plastic to flow through.  This eliminates any sharp turns or any hang up points (dead spots) in the manifold.

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Injection Molding Conference 2013

Injection Molding Conference 2013






May 22 at 7:45am until May 23 at 1:45pm

Jack Burke Research and Economic Development Center, Penn State Behrend

4701 College Drive, Erie, PA 16563


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Hot Runner System for Medical Micro Parts

New Technology Report, Jan. 7, 2013


Hot Runner System for Medical Micro Parts


In response to the demands for ever more compact hot runner systems for the production of plastic components used in the medical and electronics industry Heitec Hot Runner Systems introduces new hot tip designs. Heitec Heißkanaltechnik GmbH from Burgwald, Germany is represented in North America bymicro1 Technoject Machinery Corp.

Until 2011 a 6.0 mm cavity spacing was considered to be the smallest possible using individually controllable hot tip nozzles. Continuous development of the Flat-Line nozzle series now allow a distance from 4.5 mm. This sets new standards for space utilization and maximum number of cavities per mold.

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New Valve Gate System with a minimum 5.8mm Gate spacing

New Valve Gate System with a minimum 5.8mm Gate spacing


A new valve gate hot runner system with miniature space requirements was developed by Heitec Heißkanaltechnik GmbH from Burgwald, Germany represented in North America by Technoject Machinery Corp.valve-gate-nozzles-5.8

Based on the already existing Flat-Line Nozzle platform 61.041 the new nozzle design achieves a minimum nozzle spacing of less than 6 mm. With this design a complete valve gate system with e.g. 4, 8, 16 or more nozzles can be arranged in very small mold base sizes resulting in lower mold costs, higher productivity, more design flexibility and less melt residence time.

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Rain/Light Sensors

Rain/Light Sensors

As a motorist one values any aids which make driving easier. "Rain/light sensors" are just those aids. When dusk sets in or a certain brightness value is not reached, the headlights turn on automatically.In a similar automatic manner wipers come into action when the rain sensor reacts accordingly, or else the sun sensor sends corresponding data to the climate control unit and the air conditioning responds. Another function of the "Rain/Light sensor" is that the blower starts when humid air is detected inside the car.

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Case Studies

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