New methods for producing energy savings when using Hot Runner Systems


The benefits offered by hot runner systems for the injection molding industry such as material saenergyvings and cycle time reduction are widely known. However, in the past very little attention was paid to the amount of energy required to operate the hot runner equipment. Energy savings have become increasingly more important as electricity costs have increased in recent years.

Hot runner systems are comprised of hot runner nozzles and a manifold for multi cavity applications. The melt conveying channels inside these components are typically heated with 230V heaters.  The energy requirement for these heaters depends on the type of resin, nozzle/manifold mass and other factors.

Through the use of new materials and manufacturing methods the energy consumption of hot runner nozzles can be reduced on average by 35%. The energy savings for the nozzles can be significant when higher cavitation molds are produced due to the high number of nozzles installed.

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12 Cav Star-Line Crown

HEITEC Star-Line Crown 12-Cav

HEITEC introduces a new version of the 12-Cav Star-Line Crown based on the proven Star-Line hot runner nozzles. This multiple nozzle for side gating of plastic articles can inject up to 12 cavities using a single hot runner nozzle. This results in a significant reduction of the control requirement since you only need one control zone to control the temperature of 12 mold cavities.

The new design allows even greater output per mold area and thus ultimately much smaller tool dimensions. The smallest possibleHeitec Star-Line Crown 12 freigestellt fit diameter is 64mm. Hence, up to twelve injection points can now be placed on a circle of about 76mm instead of eight as in the past.

As with the other types of the new generation Star-Line nozzles the length expansion of the nozzle does not matter anymore in terms of possible "wandering" injection points as the growth in length is completely compensated inside the nozzle by the two-piece structure of the nozzle body.

The nozzle is characterized by a very good thermal profile. It provides a completely particle free production as well as no strings, which makes it attractive for use in clean room production.

Heitec recommends the nozzle for the production of complex plastic articles from standard resins.

Also in terms of energy demand the 12 Cav offers large potential savings over other hot runner nozzles.

Of course, the new design also comes with all the other benefits of the Star-Line Crown Series.

HEITEC Star-Line Crown 12-Cav

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color flowchannel 1Machined Manifold Melt Channels

Heitec offers a solution to dead spots in the melt channels of hot-runner manifolds.  The melt channels are milled into the plates, providing a smooth channel for the plastic to flow through.  This eliminates any sharp turns or any hang up points (dead spots) in the manifold.

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