color flowchannel 1Heitec offers a solution to dead spots in the melt channels of hot-runner manifolds.  The melt channels are milled into the plates, providing a smooth channel for the plastic to flow through.  This eliminates any sharp turns or any hang up points (dead spots) in the manifold.

The plates are soldered together to form a single manifold.  The traditional method of manufacturing hot runners is by  drilling and plugging the ends of the runners with plugs.  This method may increase the pressure in which the melt needs to flow though the hot runner, due to the sharp corners.  By milling in smooth transitions it is possible to reduce the melt pressure through the hot runner and provide a better balanced fill.  This opens up the process window which is very important when processing difficult engineered resins that have a tendency to degrade quickly.  Color changes are quicker with milled melt channels also because there is no dead spots to trap material.  This is important for molds that do frequent color changes.

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