A new valve gate hot runner system with miniature space requirements was developed by Heitec Heißkanaltechnik GmbH from Burgwald, Germany represented in North America by Technoject Machinery Corp.valve-gate-nozzles-5.8

Based on the already existing Flat-Line Nozzle platform 61.041 the new nozzle design achieves a minimum nozzle spacing of less than 6 mm. With this design a complete valve gate system with e.g. 4, 8, 16 or more nozzles can be arranged in very small mold base sizes resulting in lower mold costs, higher productivity, more design flexibility and less melt residence time.

Each valve gate nozzle is equipped with its own 230V heater and thermocouple allowing separate temperature control for fine tuning. This enables a balanced fill pattern amongst the cavities.

The needles are actuated with the Heitec Synchro Valve actuation system using a servo motor. The low installation height of the actuation system further reduces the total stack up height. It provides a completely simultaneous opening and closing of all needles. In contrast to classical actuation systems which use a needle lift plate and where the mold structure is significantly weakened due to the large area taken up, the Heitec actuation system provides solid mold stability.

visio-driveThe implementation of the electric servo motor using the Visio-Drive controller makes it ideal for cleanroom applications as well as precise needle travel control. Furthermore, the needle stroke can be adjusted for speed, position, acceleration and deceleration including feedback to the molding machine.

This reduced valve gate spacing is suitable for many industry segments including medical applications such as vial strips, cuvettes and electronics applications such as reel-to-reel overmolds.

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