5.5mm flatlineTechnoject Machinery Corp. (Bolton, ON) offers a HEITEC hot runner nozzle that allows a cavity spacing from only 5.5 mm, resulting in maximum production efficiency. With its small installation dimensions it no longer hinders or interferes with any cavity detail. It was further developed from the Flat-line Series, which has been established in the market for more than 10 years as flat nozzles with a sealing diameter of 6 mm and a min. required distance from 7 mm.

Due to the flat design, the small cavity distance of 5.5 mm from nozzle to nozzle is made possible. Inside this nozzle with a sealing diameter of 5 mm and an optimum melt channel diameter, is an easily replaceable cartridge heater. The proven, interchangeable 230 V heater and an easily replaceable FeCuNi thermocouple are embedded in this skinny nozzle. Through the easy interchangeability it offers full flexibility for everyone.

The nozzle is suitable for all resins, even for glass fiber reinforced resins. The nozzle is available in lengths from 25 to 60 mm.